About Doug Levy Web Designs

Doug Levy Web Designs is owned and operated by Doug Levy and has been designing websites for over 10 years. His creative thinking, commitment to excellence, personal service and solid business principles is his foundation for success. Understanding every project is personal to each and every client, which is why communicating, listening and attention to details are essential to his success in customer satisfaction.

Website design, web marketing and search engine optimization is an investment and mandatory for most businesses to succeed in today's active world, a positive return on investment is the bottom line. If you are serious about your internet success, he will get it done on time and on budget!

Most of his clients are referred through word-of-mouth and others are gained through Internet marketing campaigns. Call and talk to him, you'll discover why he is so successful. He loves is what he does and it shows.

Website Design

The question is not should I have a website but what type of website is going to provide the best investment. If you choose a template site using the same graphics and keyword content as your competitors chances are you’re not making a wise investment, Doug Levy Web Designs will separate you from the crowd by adding a personal touch that template websites just can’t deliver. Add our web marketing or Search Engine Optimization for about the same monthly fees as most professional services template sites.

Our approach is far different than most other website firms, we're a small company with very personalized service, working closely with our clients, communicating through every step of the process. We treat every project like our reputation depends on it and it does, not only do we create beautiful website's that are original, simple to use and far from the realm of template website's we also provide marketing information to ensure you are branding your product or company seamlessly along with your other advertising projects.

Strategy - Research your industry, target your audience and determine how to separate yourself from your competitors. When creating a strategy remember these important facts:

This is the base in creating a successful website. We examine every facet - see our web strategy form here....

Design - Taking our strategy and applying it to our design, customizing your colors, graphics and navigation to ensure your website speaks directly to your targeted audience. Placement of high impact items utilizing the proper colors, shapes and graphics.

Content - Let's face it without good content your search placement will not matter. More content is not always the best content; Doug Levy Web Designs offers full or partial content writing.

Technology - To the end user they don't care how it works just make sure it works and it’s easy to navigate. Every website will include contact forms, directions with links to Google Maps and optional technology such as scrolling news, Calendars, document affects, animated navigation menus, form effects, image effects and more. Technologies we provide are HTML 5, PHP, XML, RSS, JAVA, JAVASCRIPT, CSS, JQUERY, ASP, ADOBE FLASH AND XSLT. See our resources page here....

Internet Marketing

A good Website alone will increase your name in the public eye, but marketing strategies will make your investment blossom into more clients, revenues and public awareness. You'll be surprised how far we can stretch a dollar, marketing your website doesn't need to cost hundreds of dollars a month, we have plans for as low as $49.99 per month. Don't let your competitors get the jump on your potential clients, react now and get your business that jump start by increasing your search results.

Integrating social networks and blogging services to your website is a must in today's active lifestyles and technology. Not only does this widen your public profile it can also increase the number of inbound links helping your Google Page Rankings.

Studies show that 92% of potential clients will visit your website before doing business with you, why make your living off the 8% when you can have 92%? We implement SmarterStats Pro research data, Google Analytics and several other resources to provide us with explicit and unparallel search engine stats including the performance of your direct competitors. Yes, that's right we keep stats on your competitors! The only way to verify how good your results are doing is by benchmarking your direct competitors. See our other resources here...

Search Engine Optimazation

With nearly 14 billion searches online every month it's vital to rank high in the search engines. Search Engine Optimization (SEO) programs utilize extensive keyword and keyword-phrase research. The keywords and keyword phrases are not only implemented into the main website content, but also integrate them into your, "H" tags, "Alt" tags, "Anchor" tags, "Image" tags, "Meta Data", Meta Tags" and "Title" Tags. In addition, we run metrics showing click through's, search engine placements and run funnel reports. This strategic information will aid in increasing your organic search results and Page Rankings in Google, Bing, MSN Live, Yahoo and Ask search engines. We also utilize these keywords and keyword phrases for Pay Per Click (PPC) strategies.

93% of all website's are "NOT OPTIMIZED". The World Wide Web is a big place don't get lost, make sure your investment has every chance to succeed! Best of all we build every website to be user friendly, we never forget that the person browsing your site is a human not a computer.

Our Web Marketing will provide us the latest stats to determine if SEO is right for you!

Website Click Through Analysis

Have your website analyzed to find out what links are being clicked and who is looking at your site. Yes, it's all FREE. Analyzing in-site links, outbound links and bounce rates, this provides extraordinary information not only does these stats help improve your organic search results, but makes your website excel in customer satisfaction and productivity. Call 310-987-1891 for more information! Yes, it's totally free!*

Not convinced yet?

Listen to what some of our satisfied clients had to say about their results. You can also take a look at some of the work we've done for our clients, in our Portfolio section. If you need more information feel free to browse our website, call us at 310-987-1891 or request a price quote on-line. Thanks for visiting

*Requires access to your current web hosting